Members of LARRY work and study at Universities across Yorkshire. Find out more about a researcher and their work by clicking on their name. Navigate easily around this page by following the University links below.

University of York

Twitter: @ccrane74

Children’s reading and language development, atypical development and the interplay between language and literacy skills.

Language and reading development in children, particularly pupils learning English as an additional language (EAL).

Erin Dysart

Children’s early language development, particularly word learning via fast mapping and slow mapping, and children's early numerical development and childhood resilience.

Typical and atypical language development in children, for example those with dyslexia and SLI.

Twitter: @L_M_Henderson

Reading and language development, disorders of reading and language, the role of sleep in memory consolidation across development, and the use of event-related potentials and EEG for measuring language processes in children.

Twitter: @emljames

Vocabulary acquisition and reading comprehension, sleep and memory consolidation.

Victoria Knowland

Speech perception over childhood and how it might be different in children who struggle with language acquisition, as well as considering what change over time can tell us about language development, how new phonological and semantic representations are established over time in typically developing children and children with neurodevelopmental disorders. 

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Twitter: @DeaNielsen8

Children’s language development, language and literacy skills in children learning English as an Additional Language (EAL), informing interventions for language development.

Twitter: @ElpisPavlidou

Cognitive neuroscience, typical and atypical reading, implicit and statistical learning.

Natalie Smith

Twitter: @nataliesmith90

Children's reading and language development, particularly for children who are exposed to and communicate in more than one language.

Twitter: @UToseeb

Childhood, developmental disorders and how these impact upon child mental health.

Twitter: @DanijelaTrenkic

Linguistics, with a particular interest in individuals acquire a second language, using eye tracking technology to investigate grammar processing in a second language.

Twitter: @MartaWesierska

The acquisition and consolidation of language, in typical development and developmental disorders (including autism, developmental language disorder, dyslexia)

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University of Leeds

Twitter: @DrPJClarke

How children engage with text and experience reading with meaning, how to assess and capture children’s understanding of text, develops methodologies that are inclusive and accessible for all.

Twitter: @Cat_Davies

Psycholinguistics; including language acquisition and pragmatics, how children and adult integrate information from communicative contexts into their referential choices in both production and comprehension.

Twitter: @ym_griffiths

Dyslexia, literacy development, assessment and identification of literacy and language learning difficulties, SEND and inclusion, investigates the causal factors contributing to individual differences in language and literacy learning and education in people with developmental disorders.

Cécile De Cat


Twitter: @ceciletje

Child language development (monolingual and bilingual), especially grammar and discourse; interplay between language and cognition.

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Typical and atypical language and reading development, working with children with a range of developmental disorders.

Emily Oxley

Language and literacy related skills and their attainment impact on at risk populations, intervention studies to improve educational outcomes in reading and literacy for young people from diverse backgrounds (e.g. low SES, EAL.).

Twitter: @DrShirleyPaul

Psychological and educational approaches to reading and language support, applications of corpus linguistics to the study of metaphor, working on the Narnian Virtues Character Education research project

Lucy Taylor

Relationships between children’s reading and writing, especially the place of children’s literature in schools and extensive cultural contexts.

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University of Sheffield

Twitter: @marta_borowka

Language and literacy development in monolingual and bilingual children: typical and atypical language acquisition, first and second language acquisition theories, and bilingual language comprehension.

Twitter: @FrickeSilke

Speech, language, and literacy development and difficulties in monolingual and multilingual children, evaluates intervention approaches.

How children learn to talk, in particular how infants and young children learn to use words and grammar to communicative effect, explains individual differences in pragmatic abilities, researches when infants gain control over communication.

How babies learn to talk, investigates how prelinguistic skills, like babbling and pointing, combine with different aspect of the language learning environment to predict individual differences in infant word learning

Spoken and written language development and disorders in mono- and multilingual children, cognitive predictors of literacy acquisition, develops language and literacy assessment tools for mono- and multilingual children, evaluates early literacy interventions.

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Twitter: @SSpencerSALT

Persisting and complex speech and language difficulties. Adolescent language disorders, vocabulary skills and interventions, evidence-based practice in speech and language therapy and use of outcome measures, and social class and language.

Twitter: @jmthomson4

Causal mechanisms in developmental dyslexia using neuroscientific and behvaioural measures, digital literacies, the neuroscience of specific learning disabilities, the relationship between music, rhythm and literacy.

Executive control, language and literacy development in bilingual children and adults, cognitive-linguistic processing in monolingual and bilingual children and adults, errorless learning, performance feedback learning and dyslexia.

Developmental speech and language difficulties, speech and literacy acquisition in monolingual and multilingual children, co-morbidity of speech and language difficulties with psychiatric symptoms.

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University of York St John

Twitter: @DrLornaHam

Developmental psychology, the typical and atypical development of language and literacy, school readiness and educational attainment

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